A Look into the Making of Tiger Beer’s ‘Brewed for Your Fire’ Campaign

    Tiger has emerged as the fastest-growing international brand in Heineken’s portfolio.

    By Robert Cameron - Aug 16, 2021
    A Look into the Making of Tiger Beer’s ‘Brewed for Your Fire’ Campaign

    We recently caught up with Melissa Teoh, Tiger Beer’s Global Marketing Manager, Communications and Digital at The Heineken Company, and Joaquim Laurel, Executive Creative Director at Publicis One Team Tiger, to talk about the strategy behind the brand’s latest campaign, ‘Brewed for your fire’ for Tiger Crystal.

    The ‘Brewed for your Fire’ echoes the ambition and optimism of an emerging generation, which Tiger Beer calls the ‘new progressives’.

    The brand’s positioning has fueled strong growth over the past decade with Tiger Beer emerging as the fastest-growing international brand in Heineken’s portfolio.


    Can you walk us through the strategy behind this campaign: why did you set out to tap into that feeling of being ‘on fire’?

    Melissa: Tiger Beer’s brand DNA is all about inspiring people to have the courage to pursue their own path. We wanted to celebrate that spark of confidence that comes with pursuing your passions fearlessly. The campaign taps into the insight that an emerging generation of Gen Z and Millennials sometimes lacks the confidence to fully express themselves and stay true to their passions, especially given today’s challenging environment.

    Tiger believes that everyone can experience self-confidence when they are doing something they’re passionate about. Being ‘on-fire’ means doing your thing. You’re in the zone and are uncaging your true self.

    ‘Brewed for your fire’ promotes Tiger Crystal, which first launched in Vietnam and is now being launched across Asia Pacific. How is it performing so far?

    Melissa: Tiger Crystal, an easy-to-drink beer with lower bitterness, sits in the largest and most popular taste segment in Asia, so it has huge growth potential for the Tiger brand as shown in its strong growth of 67% in the last year.


    It’s brewed at -1 celsius with a unique crystal-cold filtration process for a smoother and crisper taste. Its broad appeal allows Tiger to expand into mixed-gender drinking occasions, appealing to consumers who are looking for a premium and modern beer experience.

    What can you tell us about Tiger’s target audience, the “new progressives”? What defines them, what do you know about them, and how does your brand strategy tap into this demographic insight?

    Joaquim: ‘New progressives’ are aged 21-29, but beyond a demographic, it’s really about a mindset. They are a very ambitious, savvy and optimistic generation that does not hesitate to pursue their passions, no matter what challenges they face. It’s a generation that’s especially relevant given Asia’s fast-growing middle class.

    I always felt that being on fire or having that moment of ultimate confidence is something our audience finds inspiring. When you’re in the zone, people respond to that and want it for themselves, which in turn makes them confident. We saw a lot of that on social media and wanted to capture that behavior.

    Melissa: In a way, their mindset is very similar to ours: Tiger is a beer brewed against the odds, at a time and place where it was considered impossible to brew a great tasting beer in 1932. We kept confidently doing what we believed in and made the impossible possible through resilience and determination. As a brand, we want to keep inspiring our audience to really live true to their passions.

    We also want to empower them and give them a platform on which to express themselves and achieve their dreams. We’ve done this through our experiential platforms such as Tiger Roar, Tiger Street Football and Tiger Street Food. We are always finding new ways to connect with our audience and be a positive force pushing culture forward.

    Can you tell us about the shoot: where was it filmed; who did you cast; what challenges did you overcome amidst the pandemic?

    Melissa: We wanted to show progressive tropical Asia in the campaign but due to COVID-19 restrictions, we had to adapt and change our location plans and storyboards. We pivoted to remote shooting to keep everybody safe and mitigated risk by creating continency plans and COVID protocols.

    Most importantly, we wanted to be respectful and mindful of the different sensitivities in all market situations. Drinking occasions are now very different than they were pre-COVID and we wanted to reflect this.

    Joaquim: We worked with director Jovan Todorovic to scout genuine talents with real skills: dancers, long boarders, musicians, artists because you can’t fake a moment of fire and true passion. Everything was done remotely over a period of four days with multiple time zones coming into play.

    Are there any strategies used during the pandemic to adapt to the present conditions that you think will be carried forth once life returns to “normal?”

    Melissa: We’ve learnt that we can, need and want to create social connections from anywhere. Many new consumption occasions arose in the midst of the pandemic: people are enjoying Tiger Crystal at home, virtually, at a rooftop bar or a hawker center, so it’s important we reflect this in our communications.

    ‘The campaign taps into the insight that an emerging generation of Gen Z and Millennials sometimes lacks the confidence to fully express themselves and stay true to their passions, especially given today’s challenging environment.”

    Last year, Tiger pledged €1.87 million across Asia for the #SupportOurStreets initiative, calling on our community to stand together and lend a helping hand to affected F&B businesses. This is something we will continue to do, helping local pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and food courts tide over these difficult times.

    Where is ‘Brewed for your fire’ airing now, and will it launch in other markets?

    Melissa: It has launched in Cambodia and soon Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia followed by Taiwan, Laos and Brazil, and eventually all Tiger markets around the world.

    What’s next for Tiger Beer?

    Melissa: We recently launched in Brazil, our first market in Latin America, where the brand is already resonating well and inspiring consumers who are looking for a beer to celebrate their conquests: it does not matter where you are from, but where you want to be.

    We also know that our audience values brands that are purpose-driven, so we plan to keep going beyond simply inspiring them to pursue their passions but also by empowering them to do so. Moving forward, this is something that Tiger is committed to amplifying and accelerating – connecting with consumers not only through inspiring communications but also through meaningful actions.




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