‘A Harmonious Ode to the Made-to-Measure Brand Experience’ – M1 Launches New Sonic Identity

M1 Limited (M1), a telecommunications provider in Singapore, has launched its new sonic branding, an innovative musical arrangement meticulously crafted to resonate with the brand’s essence.

According to a release:

“M1’s new sonic identity encapsulates the brand’s values of warmth, authenticity, and personalised experiences. The core elements of the acoustic ukulele and guitars create a soothing ambiance, reflecting M1’s commitment to fostering meaningful relationships with its customers.


The addition of elegant vocals and light percussion provides an uplifting and reassuring auditory experience. To represent Singapore’s rich cultural diversity, M1 has integrated Chinese, Malay, and Indian ethnic instruments into a special version of the arrangement.

This musical arrangement, in both its standard and culturally enriched versions, is a testament to M1’s commitment to creating a “Made-to-Measure” brand experience. It reflects not only the brand’s values of authenticity, collaboration, and positivity but also its respect for the diverse cultural tapestry that makes Singapore unique. Through this sonic identity, M1 aims to connect with its audience on a personal level, celebrating individuality and unity alike.”

Mustafa Kapasi, Chief Operating Officer for M1, said, “Our new sonic identity is more than just a sound – it’s a reflection of our brand’s values and our deep connection to the people of Singapore.”

“By celebrating diversity and authenticity through music, we aim to forge stronger emotional bonds with M1 customers and provide them a truly ‘Made-to-Measure’ brand experience.”


M1’s new sonic identity will be integrated across various touchpoints, including advertising campaigns, customer service interactions, and digital platforms, offering consumers a consistent and memorable brand experience.


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