Weave Through Life – Toyota Campaign via Great Guns

Toyota has partnered up with Ogilvy Singapore and Great Guns Asia to deliver its latest slick campaign, ‘Move Your World’. Created by Ogilvy Singapore’s CCO Nicolas Courant, CD Paul Kemp, and Associate Creative Director Ginny Lim, the spot was shot in Bangkok and directed by Great Guns’ Bruce St. Clair.

Weaving through the crowds of a bustling city, the camera follows three pedestrians as they encounter various obstacles on their journey. Whether they’re walking or jogging, looking up or down at their phone, they easily navigate whatever they find in front of them with seamless precision – ultimately mirroring the movements of the spot’s star, the Toyota Vios.

Working from the concept of ‘weaving through life’, Bruce immediately envisioned pedestrians avoiding each other, dodging collisions, running backwards, and other movements that would reflect the Vios’ capabilities. Realizing the opportunity to create these quirky, surreal moments in real life environments, the team worked with a trio of models and a choreographer to craft the sleek performances.


Bruce St. Clair comments: “This was a really fun brief to work from, as we looked to balance the quirky choreography with Toyota’s overall aesthetic. The concept of the spot could really be transposed anywhere, so it was really a case of balancing this real-life environment with the more surreal elements. Then we just had to make sure we dodged the tropical rain happening across Bangkok!”


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