81 Percent of Australians Play Video Games Says New Research

According to IGEA “Australian gamers are high achievers, use games to improve their mental health, and prefer puzzle games over action games.”

According to new data from the Australia Plays 2023 report, 81% of all Australians play video games. The report, which was conducted by Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) in conjunction with Bond University, said the latest data shows a 14% increase in two years from the 2022 report.

According to the findings, women account for 48 percent of the gamer demographic and the average is of gamers in Australia is 35.

“Additionally, we saw more women playing games than ever before with 48% of Australian gamers being female, up 2% on the previous report, with women over 65 more likely to play video games than elderly men,” said Dr. Jeffrey Brand, Professor at Bond University and author of the report.


“Aussie gamers over 65 play to be challenged and improve their mental health, with a focus on mental stimulation and fighting dementia. Video games offer something for everyone – anyone can be a gamer, not just children and students, but parents, grandparents, your coworkers, and your boss.”

Highlights from the Australia Plays report:

  • 81% of all Australians play video games (up from 67%)
  • 94% of Australian households have a device for playing video games (up from 92%)
    • 76% of game households have 2 or more devices for playing games
  • 48% female – more women and girls are playing than ever before (up from 46%)
    • After age 55, Australian women play more video games than Australian men
  • 35 years – the average age of video game players in Australia
  • 75% of Australians play video games with others
  • 91% of parents play with their children to connect as a family
  • Australians play video games to:
    • 91% – Create feelings of enjoyment
    • 82% – Bring joy to their lives
    • 66% – Nurture mental health
  • In games, Australians enjoy:
    • 92% – Achieving
    • 81% – Exploring
    • 59% – Socialising with others
  • Of adults who play video games:
    • 71% enjoy building in-game
    • 65% enjoy making mini-games and levels
    • 54% enjoy attending in-game events
  • Australian video game players’ top genre choices:
    • 36% – Puzzle
    • 32% – Action/Adventure
    • 21% – Strategy
  • Australians over 65 years play to be challenged and improve mental health
  • Top benefits of video games for ageing well according to Australian adults:
    • Increasing mental stimulation
    • Promoting mindfulness
    • Fighting dementia

You can learn more about the findings here.


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