80/20 and CS Marketing & Sales Solutions Launch Strategic Partnership

The collaboration is strategically concentrated on key European and Asian markets.

Image via 80/20

Marketing and branding specialists 80/20 and CS Marketing & Sales Solutions have entered into a collaborative alliance to accompany global brands in their expansion, growth, and innovation strategies. Spearheaded by Vietnamese strategist Quynh Nguyen and German entrepreneur Corinna Seidel, the partnership aims to leverage the pair’s expertise from corporate and advertising realms to enhance visibility and growth for those who are navigating the dynamic markets between Asia and Europe.

The collaboration is strategically concentrated on key European markets such as Germany, France, and the Nordic countries, along with prominent Asian markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

“We not only understand the working dynamics and mindset on both continents; our teams are deeply immersed in the projects and thought processes of our global clients,” said Seidel.


“We don’t simply hand over tasks at borders.”

Nguyen added: “Companies expanding and growing their business on another continent face unique challenges in bridging and aligning perceptions of communications on all levels. Our international and technical expertise aids companies in achieving the perfect balance between their global brand and local market strategies..”

The partnership offers a comprehensive approach to go-to-market and business growth strategies, encompassing market research, brand and marketing strategies, cultural sensitivity, innovative design thinking, and dynamic cross-media communication strategies.

The two founders are specifically focusing on industries for which their shared experience is most powerful, such as logistics, engineering, automotive, healthcare, and consumer goods.


“Our collaboration is a potent blend of my background in corporate and regional marketing within multinational companies, and Quynh’s expertise from the global advertising industry,” said Seidel.

“This complementary mix of technical and industry experiences makes us an exceptionally powerful duo.”

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