7-Eleven Taiwan Launches Wall that Applauds When you Donate Coins to Charity

As part of this year’s 7-Eleven Taiwan charity donations project, the agency ADK Taiwan sought to find new ways for people to donate spare change when they are in the store.

Working with creative lab, Party, the two combined to co-build the world’s first ‘Rhythm of Love Wall –which is a nice name for, what is in short, a wall that applauds your act of charity.


“This is a rare opportunity to be working in collaboration with Party to create an interesting and loving way to encourage goodwill.” Says Richard Yu, Chief Creative Officer of ADK Taiwan.

“When people spare change for charity, no matter the amount, it is an act of goodwill definitively, and such good deeds like this need be encouraged.”

The ‘Rhythm of Love Wall’ interactive installation is a device activated by people dropping coins into the donation box, and it generates hand claps of encouragement.

The most important part of the concept is the sound of hand-clapping created directly from the hands on the wall, rather than just playing a sound effect. Party was enthusiastic about the idea and soon had the solution for it – they found Bye Bye World, a Japanese technology company who specializes in the development of the robotic palm of a human’s hand. Over a few months, Bye Bye World redesigned the shape and the module of the hand for the Rhythm of Love Wall. After more than 200,000 tests the applause imitates real human hands.


“We finally made a wonderful machine which looks a bit weird but has full of love. Please come by 7-Eleven stores and contribute to the exhibition, and enjoy the rhythm of love.” Says Eiji Muroichi, Design Director of Party New York.

There is also an official website for the campaign where consumers can create their own applause and also donate online by using their mobile or computer. The self-created applause can even be transmitted to the controller system of the physical rhythm of love wall. Consumers can participate in activities on the internet, and hear their unique own applause in the physical installation.

Two ‘Rhythm of Love Wall’ has been installed in two different the 7-ELEVEN stores. The installations will then be toured over all the cities across Taiwan.


Agencies: ADK Taiwan, Party (Taiwan, New York)
Clapping Hand Tech/Design Direction: Bye Bye World (Japan)
Production/Programming: 23 Design, InnoCirque (Taiwan)
Launch Film: Chelun Ou (Taiwan)
Music: WONDROUS inc. (Japan)
Web: MasuMasu (Japan)

Diana Gadong

Diana Gadong

Diana is a staff writer based out of Manila.

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