50 Super Bowl 2021 Ads – In Case you Missed the Big Game

    Brands spent around $5.5 million per 30-second spot for this year's big game.

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Feb 9, 2021
    50 Super Bowl 2021 Ads – In Case you Missed the Big Game

    Serena Williams Pitching Michelob Ultra

    This year’s Super Bowl caps off arguably the strangest season in NFL history. Fans were largely absent from stadiums across the United States. Games were postponed or played without coaches or quarterbacks. The only constants seem to be the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes, who make a return trip, and Tom Brady, who is there for his preposterous 10th time. Well, those and the multi-million-dollar 30-second ads.

    This Super Bowl’s ads cost brands a cool $5.5 million; unsurprisingly the docket of spots took longer to fill up than usual.

    Uber Eats | Wayne’s World – Wayne and Garth are Back

    Tide | The Jason Alexander Hoodie

    Amazon | Alexa’s Body

    Squarespace | 5 to 9 by Dolly Parton

    Cheetos | It Wasn’t Me

    Scotts Lawn | Keep Growing

    Michelob ULTRA | Happy

    Michelob ULTRA | All-Star Cast

    Doritos | Flat Matthew

    Hellmann’s | Amy Schumer’s Magical Mayo Transformation

    Bud Light | Bud Light Legends

    Bud Light | Last Year’s Lemons

    Rockstar Energy | Spotlight

    Frito-Lay | ‘Twas the Night Before Super Bowl

    Stella Artois | Heartbeat Billionaire

    Chipotle | Can a Burrito Change the World?

    M&M’s Chocolate | Come Together

    Samuel Adams | Horses

    Pringles | Flavor Stacking Space Return

    Mountain Dew | A One Million Dollar Tutorial

    Vroom | Big Game Commercial

    Mercari | Get Your Unused Things Back in the Game

    Ford | Finish Strong

    Fiverr | Small Biz Goes Big

    Skechers | Skechers Max Cushioning

    State Farm Insurance | Team State Farm Roster

    Oikos Pro | ProFace

    Anheuser-Busch | Let’s Grab a Beer

    TurboTax | Spreading Tax Expertise Across the Land

    Logitech | Defy Logic

    Dexcom | Official Big Game Commercial 2021

    WeatherTech | Family Super Bowl Commercial 2021

    Jimmy John’s | Meet the King

    Klarna | The Four Quarter-Sized Cowboys

    Indeed | The Rising

    Cutwater Spirits | Cut Out

    General Motors | No Way Norway

    Inspiration4 | Inspiration4 Invites Viewers to Join World’s First All-Civilian Mission to Space

    Guinness | Guinness x Joe Montana: GOAT

    Dawn Dish Soap | Come Clean to Close the Chore Gap

    Dr. Squatch | You’re Not A Dish

    Bass Pro Shops | Get Back to Nature


    Budweiser | Bigger Picture

    Coors Light | Coors Big Game Commercial of Your Dreams: Dream Study


    Toyota USA | Jessica Long’s Story | Upstream

    Robinhood | We are All Investors

    Guaranteed Rate | Believe You Will



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