38% Percent of Advertising Professionals Plan to Leave Job Within Two Years

On average, advertising professionals plan to stay at their current job for 3.5 more years, said the study.

Basis Technologies, a cloud-based workflow automation, and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, has released commissioned research that found 38% of advertising professionals plan to leave their jobs within two years.

According to the findings, which was compiled by research firm Advertiser Perceptions from an October 2021 survey of 150 digital advertising decision-makers at agencies and brands spending $5 million or more annually, less than 25% say they are completely satisfied with any one aspect of their job – with “training and education” and “latest technology to help with automation of tasks” receiving some of the lowest ratings.

“Complexity in our digital media ecosystem is straining marketing teams, who are challenged with cobbling together disparate, point solutions to buy across the broad spectrum of media outlets with their own unique specifications and pricing methodologies. I believe this could lead to increased employee turnover, decreased levels of customer service, and lower efficacy of paid advertisements,” said Tyler Kelly, president, Basis Technologies.


“Our research with Advertiser Perceptions creates a benchmark for the state of our industry workforce today, and identifies areas for the most impactful improvement. To alleviate complexity and disconnection in digital media, I believe that marketers need a holistic and automated approach to their digital marketing process.”

The survey also showed 90% of professionals agreeing “that the advertising industry has become significantly more complex,” the top factor causing this sentiment (cited by 72% of those surveyed) is the “increase in the different transaction methods for buying media.”

The research is part of the report, “How Complexity, Job Satisfaction, and Automation Intersect in Digital Media,” which reviews opinions and attitudes on job satisfaction, workflow automation, technology complexity and programmatic advertising.


Highlights from the report

Job satisfaction:

  • Top improvements that advertisers want to see are “better processes/tools to improve productivity” (says 72%) and “more time for optimization and analysis, upselling/pitching new business, strategic thinking and creativity” (68%).
  • The top challenges cited when someone leaves a company are “training new employees” (says 58%) and “hiring quality employees” (57%).

Workflow automation:

  • 9 hours is the average time per week respondents estimate they could save through automation of redundant and low value tasks.
  • The top benefits of successful workflow automation is “more time for strategic thinking and creativity” (says 63%) and increased productivity (54%).

Technology complexity

  • The majority of advertising professionals use 7 platforms in a typical day and 9 platforms in a typical campaign.
  • Two of the areas in the media buying process that require the most training are “strategizing” (says 58%) and “programmatic media buying” (40%).

Programmatic advertising:

  • The biggest pain points in selecting programmatic partners are “pricing transparency” (says 55%) and “lack of fully integrated technology” (51%).
  • 43% is the average portion of digital advertising budgets transacted using an insertion order over the past 12 months.

Graph via Basis Technologies

The full report is available here, as well as an infographic here.

Featured Image: Charles Deluvio via Unsplash

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