Here are 40 Super Bowl Ads to Keep You Busy – You Know, in Case You Missed the Game

Another Super Bowl has come and passed with over 100 million viewers tuning in to watch two teams vie for gridiron glory in the biggest American arena.

And then there were the ads – which for a lot of people are the best part. TiVo this year actually made available a “Skip the Game” feature for people who only wanted to see the Superbowl ad creative work.

This year, the average cost brands had to cough up for a 30-second spot on Super Bowl Sunday was more than $5 million – which is roughly in line with price last year.


And that’s just the cost you pay the toll taker to get your spot on the air. Add all the other expenses for making and promoting an ad including Hollywood star power or sports stars to deliver your brand message and, well, you better be damn sure your creative output resonates with viewers who didn’t leave the room for more chips and salsa.

So, without further adieu, here are 40 spots from this year’s Super Marketing event to keep you busy for awhile.

Oh, yeah, we should mention, for those interested: The Eagles pulled off a surprising victory over the Patriots. Congrats Philly.

Doritos vs. Mountain Dew

Tourism Australia, “Dundee Super Bowl Ad”


Tide, “It’s a Tide Ad”

Tide, “It’s Another Tide Ad”

E*trade, “This is Getting Old”

Stella Artois, “Taps”

Amazon, “Alexa Loses Her Voice”

Jeep “Jeep Jurassic”

Toyota “Good Odds”

TurboTax, “The Noise in the Attic”

Sprint Verizon, “Answering the Call”

Toyota, “One Team”

Squarespace, “Make It Happen”

Wix “Rhett & Link”

Coca-Cola, “The Wonder of Us”

Blacture Be Celebrated Super Bowl LII Spot

Persil ProClean, “Game-time Stain-time”

Pepsi, “This Is the Pepsi”

Turbo Tax, “The Thing Under the Bed”

Febreze, “The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink”

M&M’s “Super Bowl Commercial (Featuring Danny DeVito)

Touchdown Celebrations to Come

Pringles, “Wow”

Groupon, “Who Wouldn’t”

Natural Light, “Epic Stories”

Bud Light, “The Bud Knight”

Bud Light, “Ye Olde Pep Talk”

Kia, “Steve Tyler Big Game Ad”

Budweiser, “Stand By You”

Castle Rock Trailer

Michelob Ultra, “The Perfect Fit”

Sprint, “Evelyn”

Avocados From Mexico, “#GuacWorld”

Wendy’s, “Iceberg”

Squarespace, “Make it With Keanu Reeves”

Hyundai, “Hope Detector”

Diet Coke, “Twisted Mango Groove”

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Official Trailer

Netflix, “The Cloverfield Paradox”

Solo: A Star Wars Story “Big Game”



Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

Bobby is the founder and publisher of Branding in Asia.

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