Japan’s 18-Year-Old Grandpa Offers Cleverly Eccentric Twist

A storyline that delights and surprises will always stick with the viewer after they’ve experienced it. So goes in this new spot that portrays the loving relationship between a woman and an elderly ‘grandpa’.

The two sit in the doorway sharing a tender moment while reminiscing about when they first met in a convenience store parking lot. She recalls how he would get often get into fights, while the old man admits to having caused troubles for her.

It becomes clear that they are not actually blood related and…We won’t spoil the rest. Check it out (English subtitles)



The spot was created for Mars, by BBDO Japan.

Creative Director: Masaki Honda
Planners: Tatsuro Kumaki, Yukina Oshibe
Art Director: Takuya Miyamoto
Director: Katsuyuki Iwai
Producers: Kosuke Kumakura, Shinji Kushiro
Puroduction Managers: Yuji Shikii
Photographer: Kaname Yoneda


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