Boody – When the Best Impression is no Impression at all

Bamboo underwear brand Boody and independent full-service advertising agency The Hallway have launched the debut creative campaign for Boody’s new brand platform, ‘Make Yourself Comfortable’.

The campaign is driven by the confronting revelation that women spend a cumulative 27 years of their lives enduring discomfort from underwear that digs and rubs, alongside bras that leave deep impressions in the skin.

This reality is widely accepted despite 30% of women saying uncomfortable underwear impacts their mood. Boody is challenging the status quo, inviting people to demand more from their underwear drawer, with the global B-Corp business putting their exponential growth down to the belief that the best impression your underwear can make, is no impression at all.


The provocative campaign, shot by Hannah Scott-Stevenson features a diverse series of naked women displaying just the unmistakable marks left by uncomfortable underwear. Boody calls out to the 50% of women who take their bra off the moment they get home, extending an invitation to ‘make themselves comfortable’; boldly offering its organically grown bamboo fabrication as the solution to a problem experienced by women everywhere.

Ruth Haffenden, Boody’s Global Head of Brand and Marketing, explains, “Whilst it may seem counterintuitive to highlight the discomfort so many women face each day, these uncomfortable truths required a bold statement to drive meaningful reappraisal of something we have learned to live with for decades, as ‘the best we’ll get’. Alongside our continued, passionate commitment to ethical and sustainable production, it really is time to demand more from your underwear drawer.”


The Hallway Creative Director Jessica Thompson adds, “We applaud Ruth and her team at Boody for backing this campaign with so much passion and trust. We know we aren’t alone in our frustration with bras that pinch and knickers that irritate, leaving us branded with our discomfort at the end of the day. It’s been a great pleasure to collaborate with Boody on calling out this ubiquitous experience and presenting women with a very comfy answer.”


Client: Boody

Global Head of Brand and Marketing: Ruth Haffenden

Senior Brand and Marketing Manager: Stephanie Audino

Junior Brand and Marketing Manager:  Holly Edwards

Social Media Manager: Juliet Wong

Creative consultant: Eric Franken

Graphic Designer: Lina Aloisio


Creative Agency: The Hallway

Media: SPEED


Production Company – Artboxblack

Producer – Jane Robinson

Photographer – Hannah Scott-Stevenson

Stylist – Sara Smith

Makeup artist – Kellie Stratton @ MAP

Hair stylist – Michele McQuillan @ MAP

SFX makeup – Mariel McClorey

Talent – Bruna Lapinskas @ Bella Models, Sacha De Vries, Yvonne Hong @ StoneStreet, Tanya Bunter @ People Agency

Casting director – Kate Austin

Post-production – Ring Studio


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