14 Trends That Will Define Life in the Philippines During and After Coronavirus

    14 Trends That Will Define Life in the Philippines During and After Coronavirus

    The report breaks down trends shaped by the pandemic experience as the country shifts through different levels of lockdown.

    By Robert Cameron - Jul 15, 2020

    As the Philippines continues to find its footing on the road to COVID-recovery, Dentsu Aegis Network has released “Looking Forward: Predictions Post-Lockdown and Beyond”, a report that looks to unravel “key mindsets and trends that will impact various aspects of Filipino lives from this point onward.”

    The report breaks down 14 trends that were formed by the pandemic experience of the Philippines as it shifts through different levels of lockdown, fast-moving government regulations, and drastic shifts in cultural norms and realities.

    The report also looks to provide realistic opportunities for brands, marketers and even fellow Filipinos to navigate through different definitions of “normal”.

    “While this period is extremely difficult for all of us to navigate, it is rich with insight,” said Bea Atienza, Chief Strategy Officer of Dentsu Aegis Network. “The groundwork for major shifts across different industries is being laid right now. We felt it was important to understand the mindsets forming while Filipinos go through the quarantine, as well as the challenges that our brands can help address.”

    The report is divided into predictions under “Mid-Pandemic” and “Post-Pandemic”.

    Mid-Pandemic Predictions:

    • Trust Issues – The experiences under lockdown fostered great uncertainties that leave people more selective on who they can trust, whether individuals or institutions.
    • Covid-Cocooning – As family members’ lives blend in the home, people are finding ways to maximize productivity and efficiency while living in a limited space.
    • The New School – Educational institutions and families experience tremendous amounts of pressure in dealing with the shift out of conventional methods and dynamics.
    • Hyper eGrowth – The need to stay at home drives growth across three main areas: eCommerce, eServices, eFinances, which will most likely carry on even after the lockdown is over.
    • Connection on Steroids – Despite the isolation, the need to reach out, connect, and celebrate communally remains present and is heavily supported by digital platforms.
    • A Blue Christmas – What is usually the most wonderful time of the year may feel different this year with Filipinos still recovering from the heavy impacts of the pandemic.

    Metro Manila (Image: Nghia Nguyen via Pexels)

    Post-Pandemic Predictions:

    • Collective PTSD – Together with the rest of the world, Filipinos will experience traces of sadness, loss, and anxiety that will need to be acknowledged and treated in order to fully recover and move on.
    • New Sense of Value – Time well spent “cocooning” at home will lead people to discover what is truly essential and valuable to them.
    • Cautious Exploration – While the desire to travel remains, more caution will be practiced in how, when, and where people will travel.
    • Spotlight on LGUs – The role of LGUs proved to be crucial in how citizens experience and recover from the pandemic and how they plan to be more resilient in the future.
    • Healthcare Focus – With trust issues and collective anxiety lingering amongst Filipinos, provisions for healthcare become increasingly important as people prepare themselves for similar situations.
    • The New Work – Aside from shifts in “traditional” work, new and unconventional “work” will show more prominence with Filipinos seeking various means to support themselves and their families.
    • Support for the Disenfranchised – There are segments that were affected more than others and will need more assistance as their road to recovery is a longer and harsher one.
    • Gen Z Leads Inclusive Progress – Gen Z continuously proves to be more ambitious, driven, and active compared to other generations and are unafraid of initiating and carrying out significant change.

    The predictions, says Dentsu, calls on all stakeholders (brands, agencies, citizens) to be mindful of these significant changes and collectively work towards surviving, reviving, and thriving from this pandemic.

    “This is an exciting piece of research that goes beyond the data to project opportunities that brands can meet today and in the coming months to ensure relevance,” said JC Catibog, Country CEO of Denstu Aegis Network. “Our network ambition of innovating how brands are built is exactly in line with this.”


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