Another Fun ‘100 Years of Beauty’ Video – this time Featuring India

The 100 years of Beauty series by Cut Media, the viral video company that has had astounding success on YouTube, with a wide variety of videos (including grandma’s and ex-cops getting stoned) has released another fun clip.

This time the series turns it lenses, its makeup artists and its hairstylists on India for the latest installment of these fun to watch productions.

This clip features model and dancer Trisha Miglani (also a student at the University of Pennsylvania) all done up in hairstyles, veils, bindis and Mehendi styles that have gone through various forms of evolution since 1910.


Below we’ve collected all of the 100 Years series that feature Asian countries –including the Mongolian and Vietnam versions which were not put together by Cut Media but are still well worth a watch.

You can also see the images and people who inspired each decade’s look on The Cut’s Pinterest board.

100 Years of Beauty – Asia Collection

Beauty of the Philippines (

Beauty of Vietnam


Beauty of Korea (

This video actually created a bit of a stir amongst many who said that more accurately it is 100 Years of Korean American Beauty.

Beauty of Mongolia

Beauty of India (

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